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Scottish Fiddling 

from the Highlands & Islands


Melinda Crawford


August 2018 ~

Come check out the new Free Tune section of the website!  I have posted a number of favorites, both of mine and others.  You'll find it under the "Store & Tunes" tab in the menu, or here.  Have fun!

May 2018 ~

Check out Melinda's new Tune Flashcards!  Designed to help Scottish fiddlers practice and maintain repertoire when you can't jam every night!  They're available here.

March 2017 ~

"Violinist's Guide to Scottish Fiddling" has been published!  See the Store for more information.

F E A T U R E D   CD  R E V I E W S

“Melinda Crawford plays with the precision and attention to detail that marks out all the great Scottish players.  However, what marks her out from the rest is the passionate performance she delivers on this recording.  This is terrific stuff.”

~ Bruce MacGregor of "Blazin' Fiddles," Scotland​


“Melinda Crawford's The Sheiling Braes is a recording through which her enthusiasm for the genre fairly flies off the disc.  The tracks display high energy and she has the fiddle 'speaking' the Gaelic' very well indeed.  You'll want to listen to this one many times.”

~ Dr. John Turner, ​Ten-time Nat'l Scottish Fiddling Champ

E V E N T S​
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