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C o m m i s s i o n   A   T u n e

C O M M I S S I O N E D   M U S I C 

Frequently, there are events or special occasions for which a “something special” is needed, but material objects can’t seem to fit the bill.  Sometimes there are things like anniversaries or birthdays that need to be marked with something that is more enduring than a trinket on the mantle or a plaque on the wall.  

A commissioned tune can commemorate your occasion in a truly unique way.  A tune takes up zero space, doesn’t need to be dusted, and lives on in future performances.  “That’s our song” takes on new meaning; it’s not just some random piece heard on the radio. 

I enjoy writing tunes for people.  I hope that my music makes their event more special and that it helps to capture some of the magic of the day.


T Y P E   O F   T U N E

I write tunes that are intended to blend in with the rest of the Scottish fiddling repertoire.  Slow or fast, happy or sad, I enjoy writing them all.  You may specify a certain type of tune (jig, reel, air, waltz, march, strathspey, etc.) or leave it up to me.  Let’s discuss your event/occasion together so we can agree on a tune type that is most fitting.



Like names of people, a tune’s name holds a part of its personality.  With my guidance, we can agree on a name that will tell your tune’s unique story as well as fit into the fabric of the Scottish fiddle tradition.

W H A T   Y O U   W I L L   R E C E I V E

        BASIC PACKAGE - $200.00

  • A tune, composed specifically for you, that is notated and emailed to you.

  • A high-quality, fiddle-only recording of the tune in MP3 format that is emailed or shared electronically with you. 

        For additional fees, the following are also options:

  • A signed, framed copy of the tune, printed out on high quality paper that is mailed to you. (Shipping rates may vary.)

  • A CD with designed cover that is mailed to you.  (Shipping rates may vary.)

  • A recording of the tune with additional instruments such as piano or bodhran (if available and if appropriate to the nature of the tune).

S O M E   E X A M P L E S  O F  T U N E S   I'V E   W R I T T E N

Lament for Mr. P.J. Ross  - Written in memory of a former violin teacher

Annika Ban Òg - Written for my daughter, Annika

The Selkie Sisters Jig - Written for my daughters who both adore bath and all water time!

High St. Potholes / Route 670 West / Doon da Appian Way  - A set of my tunes written for various events in Columbus, OH: strathspey, reel, & reel

W H A T   H A P P E N S   N E X T   I N   T H E   L I F E   O F   Y O U R   T U N E ?

I like to perform, record, and teach many of my own compositions.  When I perform live, I enjoy telling the stories behind the tunes, so when I perform your tune, your story will be told and retold (unless you want your story to remain anonymous.)  I also teach my tunes at various workshops across the country, so your tune will travel and will enter the repertoire of other Scottish fiddlers to be performed again, and again, and again…



Copyright and recording rights will be held and maintained by Melinda Crawford.  If you would like to use the tune for any recording or commercial uses, please contact Melinda.

Thanks! Message sent.

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