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R e g i s t r a t i o n  &  F e e s

Strathgheny -
             A week you'll look forward to,
                              miss when it's over, and
                                       count down the days until next time...
R E G I S T R A T I O N 

NEW FOR 2022!

Strathgheny will run as as a hybrid model this year, so we will be able to offer both in-person and online instruction at the same time. 


2022 Registration Form

(for printing out and mailing in)

Or, for your convenience, you may register and pay online. (Please be aware that Strathgheny pays a significant fee for every online payment, so if paying by mail is an option for you, it would be appreciated! Thank you!)

2022 Online Registration

Additional information (where to go/ the link to connect, what to bring, t-shirt order form etc.) will be sent out once registration is received and when it is closer to the start of the school.


F E E S  -  2 0 2 2


  • Participant: $770

  • Non-Resident: $635

  • Resident- Non-Participant: $435


Online course: $495

Place may be reserved until June 1 with Application & $250 deposit.

All fees include:

  • All instruction (33+ hours of instruction)

  • Private lessons (1/2 hr. with Melinda and a 1/2 hr. with David)

  • All music (the Strathgheny Collection as well as this year’s Thistle Collection.)

  • Piano Accompaniments to Thistle Collection tunes so you can play WITH Dan

  • Online video archive of all of the instructional classes

  • Evening activities

In addition, in-person fees include:

  • 6 nights in private rooms in air-conditioned "townhomes"

  • All meals from Sunday night dinner to Saturday breakfast

  • All snacks

R E G I S T R A T I O N  D E A D L I N E S
C O N T I N U I N G   E D U C A T I O N

PA teachers are eligible for Act-48 continuing education hours.  (33+ hours)

Teachers can fill out the paperwork during Strathgheny.  Please bring your ID #.

Non-PA teachers may request documentation to remit to their schools.

R E F U N D   P O L I C Y

If cancellation occurs:

before June 1: full refund minus $75 of deposit

June 1 - June 15: full refund minus deposit

after June 15: no refund

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